For Student Workers

  • Time entry processes are simple. Online and other resources guide you through learning how to do so. 
  • Mobile tools and resources maximize your time in the classroom and your student job, and minimize your time in the system.
  • As a non-exempt weekly paid worker, you will enter your time worked in Workday@Penn in order to be paid on time.

The Penn Employee Solution Center is available to help you with your questions. Knowledgeable Solution Center Specialists are available Monday through Friday during business hours. Call 215-898-7372 or email, for assistance.

Quick Tips for Onboarding and Time Entry

  1. Access the Office of Student Employment in Student Financial Services for work opportunities.
  2. Newly hired students will need to complete Self Service-Onboarding in Workday for New Hires (pdf) before you start working.
  3. Before you start working, you will need to complete federally required documentation in person at Onboard@Penn.
  4. Find the Workday@Penn Login on the upper right ↗ to access your information. You will only have access if you have an active job.
  5. Submit weekly time by Sunday, 9:00 p.m. ET. Access step-by-step instructions in this tip sheet, Self Service-Enter, Edit, and Delete Time (pdf).
  6. Resubmit your timesheet for the week if you already submitted your timesheet but need to edit a time entry.
  7. Perform a retroactive time adjustment if you need to edit your time entry after it has been submitted, approved, and paid out. Access step-by-step instructions in this tip sheet, Self Service-Enter Time Special Cases (pdf).
  8. Everyone is locked from entering time for the previous week from 2 PM Monday to 12 PM Wednesday. Perform your retroactive time for the previous week after 12 PM on Wednesday.
  9. Adjust a timesheet greater than 6 weeks in the past by working with your manager to complete a manual timesheet on this web page.