For Our Business Partners

Recent topics of current interest for those who hold security roles with defined business process responsibilities in their supervisory organizations.

To customize how you view data in Workday, watch the 4-minute video How to Manipulate Your Grid.

Self-Service Features

leaf-into-butterfly-Desktop-1200x400Access step-by-step instructions for Penn students to apply for student jobs, Self Service-Apply for a Student Job in Workday (pdf).

Green-checkmarks-1200x400Step-by-step instructions to clear different types of Inbox items and notifications, Basics-Clearing Inbox Items and Notifications (pdf).

payday-1200x400Manage your pay elections (direct deposit accounts). Use the Self Service-Manage Pay Elections (pdf) supplementary guidance.

coral-alarm-clock-1200x400Questions about entering your hours worked? Use the Self Service-Enter, Edit, and Delete Time (pdf) and Self Service-Enter Time Special Cases (pdf) tip sheets.