For Our Business Partners

Recent topics of current interest for those who hold security roles with defined business process responsibilities in their supervisory organizations.

The Basics-Modifying Work Contact Information tip sheet provides HR analysts and HR partners with step-by-step instructions for modifying a worker’s work contact information including the primary work location, office phone number, and/or work email in Workday.

Self-Service Features

W-2-Tax-Form-1200x400Access your tax forms via Workday. Use the Self Service-Access to W-2, W-4, and State Reciprocal Forms pdf tip sheet.

people-stars-1200x400Use of the special staff appreciation day off expires on December 31, 2021. See more information

rainbow-data-1200x400Learn how to modify your personal information with the Self Service-Modify Your Personal Information pdf tip sheet.

Onboard-Mural2-1200x400Complete your onboarding. Get help with the Self Service-Onboarding in Workday for New Hires pdf tip sheet.

Ben-with-a-mask-1200x400Report your COVID-19 vaccinated status with help from Self Service-Enter Vaccination Information pdf tip sheet.