For Managers

Access the resources in Quick Links to find answers to frequently asked questions and links to tip sheets and online training courses for managers, which provide step-by-step instructions for various Workday functions and information on how Workday works as a unified system.

A Summary of Manager Responsibilities in Workday by Function

In Workday, the security role of manager has distinct responsibilities. They include viewing their direct reports’ personal and position information as well as initiating or approving job requisitions and assessing position candidates, and reviewing and approving time off and timesheets.

Note! Workday offers a convenient dashboard, called My Team Management, that consolidates information about, and the actionable items managers can perform for, their direct reports.Managers can find the dashboard in their Workday App menu.

Others in your department, school or center also have their responsibilities in Penn’s HR and payroll system of record. Some of these roles are timekeeper, HR analyst, and HR partner (Workday roles are not business titles).

Managers work with sensitive information so they are required to comply with Penn's privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures. Penn strongly encourages managers take time to read and understand the University's confidentiality statements.

Time Tracking
Managers may supervise direct reports who are non-exempt (weekly paid) workers. All non-exempt workers enter their time worked in Workday; they must submit their weekly timesheets no later than Sunday, 9:00 p.m. ET (some departments may require earlier deadlines).

Managers are responsible for reviewing and approving their workers' timesheets no later than Monday at 10:00 a.m. ET. This also includes entering and editing time on workers' behalf, if necessary.

  • Q: Why is timely review and approval important?
  • A: It directly impacts workers being paid accurately and on time.

Time Off
Time off and leave is requested by eligible workers, both non-exempt (weekly paid) and exempt (monthly paid) through Workday. Managers are responsible for timely review and approval of requests by their direct reports,

  • Q: Why is timely review and approval important?
  • A:It directly impacts workers being paid accurately and on time.

Recruiting and Hiring
Workday is the single system of record for job requisitions, positions, and staff candidate data; it automatically integrates with third-party vendors to accomplish related recruiting tasks. While managers can create job requisitions, manage staff candidates, and make offers for open jobs, all, many, or some of these tasks may be managed by others with recruiting-enabled roles and the manager role may be more targeted and task-specific.

  • Q: Why is timely review and action on all inbox items important?
  • A: It directly impacts the efficiency and timeliness of the recruiting and hiring process.

Managers may temporarily select a person to start transactions on their behalf or to process tasks in their inbox. Managers can set up a delegation of a task ad-hoc, or all tasks for a designated time. Delegation does not remove ownership of any of a manager's inbox tasks.

  • Q: Why is delegation an important policy and process to understand?
  • A: It helps ensure that a manager's responsibilities will continue seamlessly during a manager's absence.

Staffing Events
Staffing events include hiring workers, adding, changing, or ending additional jobs for workers, and termination. Each school or center may have varying guidance on the level of involvement of managers.

  • Q: Why is timely review and action on staffing event tasks important?
  • A: Staffing event transactions may be among the more complex transactions to accomplish. Every role in the workflow has a key role to review information and, based on their understanding, then approve, send back, or deny the process.

Onboarding New Hires
Workday onboards new hires with a welcome message, important and time sensitive tasks for the new hire to accomplish, and links to key information such as benefits and policy information. Direct new workers to Onboard@Penn for support with onboarding.

  • Q: Why is timely and complete onboarding necessary?
  • A: Timely onboarding ensures the University is compliant with federal regulations, and helps ensure that workers are paid according to their wishes and their federal, state, and local tax requirements.

Compensation drives pay in Workday. Managers have visibility into the compensation of their direct reports. All positions at Penn have job profiles with default compensation guidelines and packages, which determine the base pay range.

Workday is a unified system and takes inputs from compensation, time tracking, benefits, and other modules to calculate workers' pay. While managers must understand the concept of costing allocations, the process to allocate salary costs across various accounts and provide information needed to tie costs back to the general ledger, most payroll related business processes will be managed by those who have the Workday security role of HR analyst for your organization.

Workday Learning
All managers in Workday are able to enroll their direct reports in learning as well as track their direct reports' learning plans and transcripts.

Performance Management
All managers and their staff direct reports use Workday performance management, which includes an annual performance review cycle, and an introductory review period process for new hires and internal transfers. Staff covered by collective bargaining agreements and Penn Medicine clinicians are excluded from these processes.

Termination and Resignation
When applicable, a worker should submit their resignation in Workday. This will prompt actions by the HR analyst or HR partner. While managers do not initiate terminations in Workday, they are involved in conversations outside of Workday. After a worker is terminated, the manager is responsible for determining whether a new requisition is needed.

Workday has advanced data management and reporting capabilities that enable managers to better manage worker activity. The reports application in Workday allows managers to access and run reports.

Contact your school and center leadership for additional information for managers. Workday is the tool to accomplish many of the HR, payroll, and other processes established by the University and school or center, but communication outside of Workday remains equally important.

The Penn Employee Solution Center is available to help with Workday processes and policies set by the Divisions of Human Resources and Finance. Knowledgeable Solution Center Specialists are available Monday through Friday during business hours. Call 215-898-7372 or email, for assistance.