Workday@Penn Training

Workday@Penn end user training provides faculty, staff, postdocs, and student workers with a learning experience tailored to their use of Workday. Those who hold defined security roles have required training. All Workday users are welcome to take self-service courses.

Four computer-based learning modules are the basis of the program for those who hold security roles requiring training. 

  • Tip sheets provide step-by-step assistance, available when you need it.
  • Workday Introduction to Self Service and Workday Time Entry, self-service online training courses, are available for all Workday users.

Robust roles held by Workday administrators require formal training and continuing education:

Training FAQs

If you are a human resources, payroll, faculty affairs or business administrator your position may have a security role that requires training to accomplish your responsibilities. Learn more about security roles.
No. Penn workers who only use Workday as a self-service platform, do not supervise others, and do not have a more robust HR/payroll role do not have required training.

Workers with self-service access to Workday have computer-based learning (CBL) available to them to learn how to monitor their own information, declare life events, manage beneficiaries, enter direct deposit information, access tax documents, enter and correct time, view time off balances, request time off and leaves of absence, and view academic appointment information. View the catalog which will direct you to the Knowledge Link courses. 
Tip sheets describe in step-by-step fashion how to initiate and step through many different business processes in Workday. Tip Sheets are housed in a library on a PennKey-protected training webpage.
Student workers do not have required training. They have access to two online videos: One shows the self-service features of Workday, and one walks through time entry.  Students may also use Tip Sheets in the self-service category.

If a student worker supervises other student workers, we can provide them access to Workday time tracking training in Knowledge Link. If you have any student workers in that category, please contact the Penn Employee Solution Center

Managers have training that is strongly recommended. Any school or center can require that training and track it via Knowledge Link.

You have been assigned required Workday courses based on your security role(s) which were assigned at the local level within your school or center. 

To find out about your security role and required training, you should contact your local Penn Workday Security Partners. Your security partner can explain why you were assigned your security role. If your security role needs to be changed, they have access to a security change process. They will let us know to edit your Knowledge Link learning plan.

Office Hours provide those with security roles the opportunity to work through live scenarios in Workday with a member of the Workday@Penn team. You will work directly with real data and automatic approval flows.
Training Delivery Methods
Delivery Method Description
Computer Based Learning (CBL) Online, self-paced learning webinars that range from 30 minutes to two hours
Office Hours Office Hours provide you the opportunity to work through live scenarios in Workday with a member of the Workday@Penn team. You will work directly with real data and automatic approval flows.
Webinar Wednesdays Workday administrators are invited to attend the live events or access the video recordings on-demand.