Work Location Guide

This guide was developed to 1) help identify the processes outside and within Workday to establish a flexible, hybrid, or remote work arrangement, 2) provide resources for recruiting-enabled roles to create a job requisition with flexible, hybrid, or remote work possibilities, 3) provide information for those whose work location change may cause a change in their payroll tax, and 4) for those who need their work location changed, guidance on how to do this change work location process in Workday.

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Last Updated: April 29, 2022


Future of Work at Penn for Staff

Based on the results of a hybrid work pilot and reflecting today’s work landscape, the University has incorporated hybrid/remote working options into its flexible work policies effective May 2, 2022.

Flexible, Hybrid, Remote: Guide for Managers and Workers

After the manager and staff worker discuss plans for flexible, hybrid, or remote work, the process in Workday may be initiated by the manager, worker, HR analyst, or HR partner. Use the following tip sheets:

  • Basics: Flexible Work Agreement for a Worker. This tip sheet provides managers, HR analysts, and HR partners with step-by-step instructions for requesting, viewing, or ending a flexible, hybrid, or remote work agreement for a worker in their supervisory organization.
  • Self Service: Flexible Work Agreement. This tip sheet provides Workday users with step-by-step instructions for requesting, viewing, or ending a flexible, hybrid, or remote work agreement.

Flexible, Hybrid, Remote: Guide for Recruiting-Enabled Roles

Those in the HR partner role should be aware of this information in the job requisition approval process. If necessary they need to ensure the proper approvers are added ad-hoc into the process.

To identify a job requisition as hybrid and/or remote work eligible or required, those with recruiting-enabled roles should consult the following:


Payroll Tax: Guide for Individuals

If needed, use the tip sheet, Self Service-View Support Roles, to identify the appropriate HR contact who can perform the work contact change process.

Note that any changes in work location may have tax withholding implications to the individual, especially if the location change is to a different state. To ensure they are properly taxed, individuals should access Workday to review and update their tax information. Individuals whose work address has been changed will receive a notice in Workday of a To-Do task labeled "Address Change: Possible Updates Needed to Tax Elections." Individuals should do the following:

  • Click on the "BSI Tax Withholding Form Employee" link and review and complete the appropriate state or local tax forms displayed.
  • Click on the "Pick Other Forms" button to determine if additional forms are available to be completed. For additional information, refer to the Self Service-Access to W-2, W-4, and State Reciprocal Forms tip sheet.

If you have any questions, please contact the Penn Employee Solution Center at or 215-898-7372.

Disclaimer. This guide is not intended to provide individual tax advice. Individuals should consult their tax advisers regarding their individual tax situations.


Work Location: Guide for HR Analysts and HR Partners

Only an individual's HR analyst can perform work contact changes.  Instructions for HR analysts to perform these Workday updates are available on the tip sheets:

The report,

  • CR - Workers with Approved Address Change Flag - by Supv Org

will show if the change to the work address is approved. HR analysts can also view this flag in Workday under Job>Additional Data.

alternate address approval

Two Workday reports are available for HR analysts and HR partners to run and determine if the worker’s record includes the required Off-Campus Work Agreement. They are: 

  • CR - Workers with matching Primary Home and Work Addresses - by Supv Org
  • CR - Workers with Primary Work Alternate Address - by Supv Org

The last two columns of the report will indicate if work contact change documents are available. 


  1. All student and faculty work addresses must reflect a Penn business address.
  2. Note that the change to the work address cannot be made retroactively, but is effective as of the date entered in Workday.  Because of tax impacts to the employee, the work address change should be made on the effective date of the work location change.
  • For monthly paid individuals, a Solution Center ticket can be opened for retroactive adjustments for the current month, until the close of monthly payroll. 
  • See the deadline in the column entitled "data entry and approved payroll transactions" in the payroll closing schedules.
  • The HR analyst should also notify the individual when the work address has been updated.