Find information and materials to assist you in Workday@Penn operations. 

Guide to Changes to Work Location

Find guidance from the Payroll Tax office and the Division of Human Resources for those who have a change in work location. PennKey required.

Data Audit and Governance

Find a collection of practices and processes that assists in the good governance and management of Penn's Workday data. PennKey required.

Forms and Templates

Find manual timesheets and other formsPennKey required.

The Workday Mobile App

Perform many of the popular self-service tasks of the Workday@Penn desktop application with the convenient and time-saving Workday Mobile App.

Penn Community

Penn Community, an offering under ISC's Identity Management Services, provides biographic, demographic and affiliation information about people who are part of the University community, will be implementing a new cloud-based identity and access management solution in phases, aligned with and leveraging other critical projects, including Workday.

The Penn Employee Solution Center

The Penn Employee Solution Center is part of Penn’s initiative to improve our people-centered services and provide consistent, up-to-date responses to the University community's questions.

Reports and Dashboards

Learn about Workday reporting and the reports and dashboards the security roles can run and see. PennKey required.

Security Assignments

Maintenance by security leads is necessary to identify who should have access to initiate/review/approve business processes and access reports and information within specific supervisory organizations and academic units. See the Security Request process. PennKey required.

Workday Policies

Learn about Workday@Penn-specific policies that help to govern its use.

Contact Us

Penn Employee Solution Center or (215) 898-7372