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My Profile

Log in to Workday@Penn and make changes to your personal information. Step-by-step instructions are in this tip sheet.

Update Pay Elections

Log in to Workday@Penn and make changes to your pay elections (also known as direct deposit). Step-by-step instructions are in this tip sheet.

Manage My Paid Time Off

Log in to Workday@Penn to manage your time off. Please note that the requests and approvals in legacy systems for time off occurring after July 1, 2019 did not convert to Workday on July 1, 2019. If you have not done so already, please initiate a time off request in Workday for your previously approved time off. Step-by-step instructions to request paid time off are in this tip sheet.

PennWorks Archive

Access to PennWorks (read only) ended permanently on December 31, 2019.

Requisition Management System

Starting on July 1, 2019 those with the correct security role may use Workday@Penn business processes for staff recruiting and hiring. Step-by-step instructions are in this tip sheet. Instructions for hiring staff candidates (internal or external) who were approved for hire in the previous system, PeopleAdmin, but were not hired before the freeze date, are found in this tip sheet.

The last day for new applications for any open posting in PeopleAdmin for faculty was June 10, 2019. The deadline for completing review and hire processes in PeopleAdmin for any searches that remain open was August 30, 2019. To learn more about the Interfolio@Penn project, please refer to the project page. If you would like to be added to the Interfolio@Penn Project listserv to receive email updates - contact the Faculty Affairs Project Team at:

Manage My Health Benefits

Log in to Workday@Penn to view and make changes to benefit elections, benefit events, dependents, and beneficiaries. Step-by-step instructions are in this tip sheet.

For assistance with your particular benefits, please call Health Advocate. The number is 1-866-799-2329. 

Manage My Retirement Contributions

Starting July 8, 2019, the Penn retirement plans transitioned to a new system called Retirement@Work. Download this document for more information. Please contact the Retirement Call Center at 877-736-6738 if you have any questions.

My Pay

Starting July 1, 2019, log on to Workday@Penn to view your 2019-2020 payslips in Workday@Penn. Step-by-step instructions are in these tip sheets, Self Service-Manage Your Payroll and Compensation Information, Self Service-Understand Your Payslip, or Self Service-Manage Pay Elections.

To view payslips prior to Workday, go to the U@Penn application.

My Tax Info

Starting July 1, 2019, log on to Workday@Penn to view your 2019-2020 tax information. Step-by-step instructions are in this tip sheet, Self Service-Access Tax Withholding Forms.

  • 2019 W-2s on Workday will not display Box D Control Numbers. If you need Control Numbers to import to an electronic tax preparation service, please view your 2019 W-2 on through the University's tax information management vendor, ADP W-2 Services. Use the ADP site to access your tax information from prior years. 
  • Questions on your paper 2019 W-2? Access these FAQs from the Payroll Tax Office.
  • Additional questions on withholding and year-end tax documents? See the resources on the Tax page. Note that University of Pennsylvania employees are not authorized to provide personal tax advice. Please consult with a qualified tax specialist or the IRS.