Workday Wave 2

The University is moving forward with Wave 2 of the Workday initiative. In Wave 2, the project team is deploying  additional Workday modules: Talent in the Summer of 2022 and Learning in the Spring of 2023.

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Workday Talent builds on Penn's use of Workday's core human capital management platform - including compensation, recruiting, and learning - to help align the workforce more seamlessly with Penn's long- and short-term goals and initiatives.

Workday Talent:

  • Standardizes the staff performance review process.
  • Provides tools to help staff develop to their potential and achieve career goals within the organization.
  • Allows staff to manage a career profile reflective of their skills and experience.
  • Provides tools for managers and leadership to assess potential, development, and succession across their organizations.

Workday Learning combines professional development, peer learning, and required training into a single intuitive application. It will connect to Penn's human capital management, its applications, and objectives, and to the goals and career aspirations of Penn workers. Workday Learning will replace Knowledge Link, the University's current learning management system.

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Workday Learning will:

  • Empower Penn faculty, staff and other workers to access training and learning information directly from Penn's HR and payroll platform, Workday.
  • Provide individuals with the ability to view the skills and learning that will help them advance.
  • Tie learning opportunities and requirements to posted jobs, onboarding, and job changes within the University.
  • Integrate reporting and learning management with other Workday people data.

Overall, the purposes of Wave 2 are to continue the progress made in the past two years, including:

  • Make robust use of Workday's enterprise-wide cloud solution and human capital management platform.
  • Identify talent and learning needs more precisely and efficiently across the University for improved decision making.
  • Prepare the University and its workforce for demographic and technological changes of the future.

Guiding Principles

Guiding Principles

Workday Wave 2 is guided by core principles which are reinforced continually during team, PMO and leadership meetings. These guiding principles were developed with by the executive sponsors and leadership before go-live in 2019. They continue to guide the project.

  • Think “One Penn” – Do what is best for the University, not just one School or Center. Be transparent, collaborative, and inclusive.
  • Keep It Simple – Minimize data entry and modifications of the same information and shared data fields in multiple systems. Use one HCM technology to enable efficient, uniform processes University-wide.
  • Adopt, Don’t Adapt – Change the HCM process, not the software.
  • Be Accountable – Every HCM data source, process, procedure, and policy requires an owner.
  • Strive for Clarity – Agree on consistent HCM terms, such as headcount or employee transfers.
  • Innovate and Improve – Consider new approaches and ideas. Monitor and measure HCM services for quality and efficiency, and take corrective action if needed.

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