Webinar Wednesdays

Webinar Wednesdays is a series of live and recorded events designed to keep you informed about relevant topics. Workday administrators are invited to attend the live events or access the video recordings on-demand. 

Webinars are conducted live on Wednesday at noon, Eastern, to allow for lunch-and-learn, unless otherwise noted.  The schedule may change because of presenter, topic, or technical issues as well as other factors.

Upcoming Webinars

Date Topic Add to Your Calendar
4/1/2020 Cancelled Cancelled
4/7/2020 Test Your Connection iCalendar download
4/15/2020 Topics in Academic Appointment Management iCalendar download

Video Recordings of Past Webinars

2020 Webinars
Date with link to video Functional Area Topic Bonus Material
2/25/2020 Security Deep Dive into Supervisory Orgs and Security Roles Supervisory Orgs and Security Roles Refresher
2/12/2020 Compensation Demonstration of making a compensation change, setting up period activity pay, and arranging a one time payment Compensation Tip Sheets
1/29/2020 Payroll Payroll Review and Approval Flows in Workday
1/22/2020 Payroll Costing Allocations Manage Costing Allocations tip sheet
2019 Webinars
Date with link to video Functional Area Topic Bonus Material
12/11/2019 Onboarding The I-9 Process at Penn Slides
12/04/2019 Workday Basics Demonstrations of new Workday tips and tricks Slides
11/20/2019 Workday Basics Review and approve business processes Delegation process Review and approve one-pager resource
Delegation tip sheet
11/13/2019 Time Tracking Holiday and winter break timekeeping One-pager with timelines and resources
Compensatory time one-pager
Q&A Summary
10/31/2019 Hire Hiring the work-study student Slides
10/23/2019 Training Getting the most out of Penn's Workday training opportunities See the current catalog
10/16/2019 Time Tracking Time tracking best practices for managers and timekeepers
10/2/2019 Workday Basics Make Workday work better for you
9/25/2019 Recruiting The job application process Q&A Summary

Slides with Notes
9/18/2019 Compensation Why aren’t my workers being paid? What are the impacts of address changes? Compensation Checklist
9/11/2019 Payroll Costing allocations and encumbrances Costing Allocation Resources
9/4/2019 Recruiting, Hiring Overview of graduate students in Workday, their onboarding and compensation
8/28/2019 Recruiting, Hiring Student workers at Penn: Topics in recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and managing timesheets
8/14/2019 Compensation Compensation clarification: Actual cases from the Solution Cente
8/7/2019 Staffing Events Change job process; Clarification on all the guidance provided to new hires after they are hired into a new position in Workday
7/24/2019 Recruiting, Workday Basics Creating a job requisition, including exception handling for new hires selected in PeopleAdmin; Understanding your inbox; Dates matter in Workday; Using costing allocations in Workday and by time Q&A Summary
7/17/2019 Workday Basics Manage your inbox; Viewing worker details; Access management; Pre-hire records; Onboarding; Time tracking; Live demos of run compensation spreadsheet and request compensation change. Q&A Summary