For Our Business Partners

New for those who hold security roles with defined business process responsibilities in their supervisory organizations.

What is delegation management? Delegation is the process that provides coverage when someone with Workday responsibilities has time off or is away. See the policy and tip sheet.

Self-Service Features

Ben-with-a-mask-1200x400Report your COVID-19 vaccinated status with help from Self Service-Enter Vaccination Information pdf tip sheet. New hires must acknowledge their vaccinated status before starting work.

W-2-Tax-Form-1200x400Access your tax forms via Workday. Use the Self Service-Access to W-2, W-4, and State Reciprocal Forms pdf tip sheet.

Search for and apply to a staff position as an internal candidate in Workday. Use the Self Service-Apply for a Job as an Internal Candidate pdf tip sheet.

Onboard-Mural2-1200x400Complete your onboarding. Get help with the Self Service-Onboarding in Workday for New Hires pdf tip sheet.

questions-1200x400New to Workday? Try searching tip sheets in the Basics and Self Service categories, especially Getting Started: Navigating Workday (pdf).